Stop Isaaq Genocide in Mogadishu

The United Nations Must Stop Somalia’s Annexation Attempt of the Republic of Somaliland, and Genocide Against Somalilanders

The Isaaq Genocide Institute sends their uttermost condolences to the family of Mr. Abdinasir Muse, a Somalilander murdered brutally in Mogadishu,Somalia. We are deeply saddened with the senseless death of Mr. Muse, a 32 year old Chevening Scholar with a bright future ahead of him. Mr. Muse was an employee of ICAO for the Civil Aviation Authority of Somalia, and is alleged murdered by the Somalian government.

The deceased body is circulating on Social media and around his neck is a garrote, perhaps the wire used for strangulation. His family members have spoken up, and have accounted the deceased feared for his life since a dispute on airspace management erupted between the Republic of Somaliland and Somalia recently. Mr. Abdinasir left behind his pregnant young wife and a child. She resides in the United Kingdom and we would be able to facilitate an interview. The interior minister of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Kaahin has requested the body of the deceased flown to his homeland,unfortunately the Somalian government has not obliged.

Our condolences also extend to the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland and the Isaaq family in particular. The brutal death of Mr. Abdinasir Muse reminds the Isaaq people of the danger they are in.They face persecution at the hands of Somalia, an entity that has not yet been punished for its sponsor of the Isaaq genocide of the 1980’s.

Somalia illegally lays claim to the Republic of Somaliland, and sees the Isaaq people as the obstacle towards attaining its expansionist goals. News is circulating that four to six other Somalilanders have been detained by the Somalian police force. Four are said to be of Isaaq descent. Mr. Abdirahman Abdillahi Farrah is one of the detainees. We are working on verifying the names of the others. They are being blamed on the killings of Mr.Abdinasir Muse, which is in stark contrast to accounts of family members. The Somalian spy agency NISA telephoned the father of the deceased, a tactic to induce fear and silence. This level of impunity is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Relevant agencies must intervene quickly to evade further extrajudicial killings.

The death of Mr. Abdinasir Muse, might have stemmed from the recent MOU between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia on 01/01/2024, two Independent, sovereign States with the right to enter bilateral agreements. Since the news of this MOU, Somalia has openly exhibited its hostility towards the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland. One such example is a recent transgression by Somalia, when it illegally denied a medical ambulance aircraft to land in Hargeisa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland. The patient, the brother of World Remit founder, Mr. Ismail Ahmed, was suffering a brain hemorrhage and needed emergency care in Ethiopia.

ICAO has illegally accredited Somalia’s Civil Aviation Authority which includes the airspace of the Republic pf Somaliland. This is in breach of the United Nation’s principle on non infringement of the territorial integrity of States. ICAO has given permission perhaps unwittingly, for Somalia to behave flagrantly with the airspace of the Republic of Somaliland. Many aircraft flying over this airspace are in grave danger of Somalia’s aggression. The Isaaq Genocide Institute demands that ICAO intervene to resolve this issue immediately.

The United Nations continues unfortunately, to renforce the illegal claim of Somalia over the Republic of Somaliland via upholding the fraudulent one Somalia policy. This is in breach of its own principles of territorial integrity, of self determination and its charters of the Genocide Convention and Universal Basic Human Rights. The perpertrators of the Isaaq Genocide have not yet been brought to justice, and safeguards to prevent another genocide against the Isaaq people has not yet been implemented by the United Nations. Letting Somalia claim the Republic of Somaliland also strips Somalilanders of the right to identity and nationality, tenets of the Universal Basic Human Rights.

The United Nations it seems, reinforces Somalia’s illegal claim over the Republic of Somaliland even after Somalilanders ousted the occupying force Somalia in 1991. Somalilanders still have not yet healed from the trauma of the Isaaq genocide, the massive destruction of their country with mines still exploding on unsuspecting civilians even today. It is truly unacceptable that the United Nations continues its dereliction of duty and has failed to protect the people of the Republic of Somaliland. Lack of recognition should not be the death sentence of a people, of a nation and of an existing State.

The Isaaq Genocide Institute urges the United Nations Office of Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect to investigate the death of Mr. Abdinasir Muse. We suspect his death was premeditated for he belonged to the Isaaq family, a people facing persecution by Somalia. The United Nations must take the appropriate steps to reestablish the Statehood of the Republic of Somaliland that gained independence and De Jure recognition on 26th June 1960.

The United Nations must rectify its error of granting Somalia a UN seat that includes the territory of the Rep of Somaliland.The self determination of Somalilanders and the Isaaq people, can only be guaranteed by the existence of the State of the Republic of Somaliland. The United Nations has no mandate to strip the Republic of Somaliland of its Statehood and must cease to do so by reinforcing a One Somalia policy. The Office of Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect must act quickly to save Somalilanders against the ongoing persecution from Somalia

The Isaaq Genocide Institute also calls upon ICAO to investigate quickly, the death of their employee Mr. Abdinasir Muse. It must make sure protection is granted all its employees that work in Somalia but hail from the Republic of Somaliland. ICAO must cease its practice of luring Somalilanders via lucrative jobs to a hostile territory, expecially if it is unable to guarantee their wellbeing. Somalia denies the Isaaq Genocide, a clear indication it is planning to complete it. ICAO must also investigate the arbitrary detention of four Somalilanders, of Isaaq descent, purportedly framed for the killing of Abdinasir Muse. They are said to be aviation workers,perhaps with ICAO in Mogadishu, Somalia.

We urge the United Nations to lift the arbitrariy embargo it has placed on the Republic of Somaliland. It is a great injustice on the UN’s part to label an independent, de jure recognized country a de facto State. Somalilanders have suffered dearly under this misrepresentation of status. Their potential impeded by a false label that has stunted their growth and development in every aspect of life. The Isaaq Genocide Institute shall pursue all options open to it for the resolution of this matter.

We also implore ICAO to assist with boosting the capability of the Civili Aviation Authority of the Republic of Somaliland in its transition to manage its own airspace. The safety of Somalilanders and others flying over the airspace of the Republic of Somaliland should not be jeopardized by the negligence & beuracracy of pertinent authorities. This matter should be of the uttermost priority to evade looming tragedies, that are being premeditated, planned and shall be perpetrated by Somalia.

The Isaaq Genocide Institute also calls upon the African Union, and UN member States to uphold the principles of territorial integrity and self determination as outlined by the United Nations Charters and international law. Denying the Republic of Somaliland its Statehood that it never forfeited or transfered to another entity is akin to complicity to Genocide on the Isaaq people, and complicity to annexation and occupation of the Republic of Somaliland.

Thank you


The Isaaq Genocide Institute

Hargeisa, The Republic of Somaliland


  1. This is a wonderful article and a well overdue update for the world to see and read about #Somaliland and its rightful self determination to exist in this world without force or persecution and denial of God give freedom.
    Isaaq genocide, has been forgotten for several decades, but seems to continue until today in Moqdishow. Its past time to do justice for people who were put in masses graves alive

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