An Urgent Statement


  1. The Isaaq Genocide remains a largely overlooked tragedy on the global stage, and the victims have yet to receive the recognition they deserve for the suffering they endured. Advocacy and raising awareness about such events are essential to address historical injustices and promote a more just world.

  2. SSC needs to be classed as an affiliate to Alshabab in as it demonstrates the same tactics and ways it operates. Any member of the Dhulbahante that doesn’t tow their line is called a Horgal and marked to be killed, extortion is used by them on the diaspora to contribute to the organisation. The same individuals and leaders where part of the Said Barre regime that participated in the Isaaq Genocide. I agree with the above statement by Isaaq Genocide Institute.

  3. Alshabaab based Lascanon killed unlawfully Nomadics and local people lived that region and forced be alshabaab or killing you.

  4. Immediate action is required – both legal and humanitarian tools available to the international community needs to be utilised. Otherwise, it’s an invitation for all parties to apply the law of Reciprocity.

  5. Strongly agree with this state from IsaaqGenocide Institute. Accountability for those supporting terrorism, regardless of their citizenship, is crucial to global security , particularly HoA . International condemnation and action against such hateful ideologies are necessary to prevent destabilization and protect human rights.

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