The Isaaq Genocide Institute envisions a nation where awareness serves as an unwavering beacon, casting light on the tragic history of the Isaaq genocide. Through widespread education, we share the profound lessons of the past, cultivating empathy and understanding among diverse communities. By resolutely prioritizing prevention, our institute strives to ensure that the shadows of such horrors never resurface, fostering an environment of tolerance and inclusivity. 


In our pursuit of justice, we hold perpetrators accountable, offering solace to survivors. With a multifaceted approach, we forge a future where the memory of the Isaaq genocide fortifies our collective commitment to human rights and the prevention of comparable atrocities. The Isaaq Genocide Institute holds an optimistic vision of a safe Somaliland, yet acknowledges the challenges of countering denial and unpunished wrongdoings. Through deliberate steps and collaboration, this vision becomes reality:


Documenting the Isaaq Genocide’s History: By preserving the accounts of the past, we ensure that the inhumanity of the Isaaq genocide is never forgotten, safeguarding the knowledge for generations to come.


Raising Public Awareness: Through education, campaigns, and cultural initiatives, we shed light on the Isaaq genocide, educating society about its significance and the imperative of prevention.


Advocating Justice: Our efforts extend to advocating for justice for the victims, employing legal avenues, truth and reconciliation commissions, and other mechanisms to hold perpetrators accountable.


Preventing Future Genocides: Addressing the root causes, such as impunity, inequality, and discrimination, we strive to prevent future genocides and ensure that history does not repeat itself.


Collaborating with Governments: Engaging with governments to pass laws against genocide, we aim to discourage potential perpetrators and strengthen the accountability framework.


Supporting Truth and Reconciliation: Our collaboration with truth and reconciliation commissions facilitates investigations into the Isaaq genocide, striving to provide justice to the victims.


Recognizing that achieving our vision necessitates collective effort, the mission “Advocating for justice, raising awareness, and preventing future genocides” serves as our roadmap, underscoring the shared responsibility in preventing such atrocities from recurring.