At the Isaaq Genocide Institute, our mission is unwavering: to advocate tenaciously for justice on behalf of the Isaaq victims, to amplify awareness of historical truths, and to actively champion the prevention of future genocides through education and action.


Advocating for Justice: We are dedicated to ensuring that those responsible for the Isaaq genocide are held accountable through legal processes, truth-seeking, and mechanisms that ensure justice prevails.


Raising Awareness: Through education, public engagement, and cultural endeavors, we strive to illuminate the Isaaq genocide’s significance, fostering understanding and unity.


Our paramount mission is to be a driving force for justice, to enlighten with historical truths, and to contribute resolutely to a future free from the horrors of genocide. With unwavering determination, we work towards a democratic Somaliland, guided by the lessons of history, and united by compassion, collaboration, and lasting reconciliation.”