"Unveiling the Truth,
Igniting Change"


One of the primary reasons for the formation of IGI is to ensure that the Isaaq Genocide is not forgotten or overlooked in the annals of history.

Who We Are

grounded in the imperative to preserve memory, seek justice, secure recognition.


The founding of the Isaaq Genocide Institute was driven by a compelling rationale rooted in the pursuit of justice, recognition, and prevention of genocidal atrocities. The tragic Isaaq genocide, which unfolded in the late 1980s in Somalia, highlighted the urgent need to address the heinous crimes committed against the Isaaq clan and to ensure that such acts of violence are never repeated.

What We Do

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness is a critical mandate of the Isaaq Genocide Institute, essential for fulfilling our mission of preserving memory.


By focusing on prevention, we aim to identify and address the root causes, risk factors, and warning signs that can lead to genocidal atrocities.


Through strategic and targeted advocacy efforts, we strive to bring about systemic change, challenge impunity, and amplify the voices of survivors

Community Empowerment

We recognize the profound impact of genocidal atrocities on individuals and communities, and we strive to create a supportive